Commodore SR-1800



The Commodore SR-1800 is an electronic calculator made by Commodore.
The calculator can add, subtract, divide, multiply and mathematical functions. It has a vacuum fluorescent display, 10 digits, memory and is powered by either batteries or a mains adaptor.

Dimensions: 80 x 158 x 36 mm
Weight: 174g excluding batteries.
Power: 4.5V DC, 3 x AA size batteries that fit in a compartment cover/cartridge. Also accepts AC adaptor (No. DC-640 or 707, 708 or 709) through a socket on the top side to the far right. Remove disposable batteries before plugging in an adaptor.

Case: Wedge shaped two-piece matt black plastic case. The top area is dominated by an oversized, wrap over top and side green plastic display filter that gives a large bright image. In this is a black printed metallic sticker that sits in its own recess and contains the brand and model number. The keys are typical Commodore, small and squishy but work very well. Extra labels for the keys are raised and painted green. The lower front edge has another black printed metallic sticker that sits in its own recess with "Commodore” on it.
Display: 12 digit green VFD with the third and twelfth digit for negative signs. The twelfth is also used for error indication and the first decimal point for radian indication.
Features: Standard four functions, parentheses, register exchange, reciprocal, squares, square roots, change sign, pi, trig, logs, powers, nth root, polar/Cartesian coordinates, degree/radian conversion, stats and three function first memory with two function second memory.
Age: 1976






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