TheC64 (Mini)

THEC64Mini or THEC64 MINI is a new developing of the famous C64 with a ARM CPU Basis and the OS Linux with VICE, which cab connected on every modern and actual TV by a HDMI cable. The computer was developed by the company Retro Games Ltd. and in Europe distributed by Koch Media.

Inside of the THEC64Mini are 64 classical C64 games like UridiumParadroidHawkeyeNebulus and Monty Mole, which highscore is savable.

This project was published in the internet since end of September 2017. This news was the reasons in the C64 scene and in other computer websites for a lot of discussion by a lot of retro computer nerds. The official sell was started in April 2018 for a price of 79,99€.




THEC64 Mini




ARM Cortex-A7 (1GHz de doble núcleo)